Helping You Overcome The Challenges Of Divorce

Frank P CampisanoFew things are as life-changing as a divorce. Even the most simple divorces require counsel from an experienced attorney to ensure the process is done correctly and your interests are protected in the years to come.

At Campisano Law Office, we go further than that. With over 30 years of experience, we aim to resolve your divorce as quickly and effectively as possible, while putting you at ease by walking you through all the details of your case. By addressing all of your legal, financial and emotional concerns, we hope to leave you in the best position possible to begin your next chapter after your divorce.

Standing By Your Side During Mediation

When you think of divorce, you may think of bulldog divorce lawyers fighting for every last penny in court. However, this is rarely the case — and it's often better for you to find a more collaborative solution to your divorce, especially when it involves matters such as child custody.

Our firm stands by you throughout the mediation process, which is required in all contested divorces in Kentucky. We continue to help you find creative solutions to your divorce through negotiations, advocating for the interests that matter most to you while coming to a quick and effective resolution that benefits everyone involved. Of course, should it be necessary to take your case to trial, we are always prepared to take the fight before a family court judge.

Cost-Effective, Without Sacrificing Results

Campisano Law Office was founded in Louisville to help everyday people through their most frustrating legal challenges. Our fees are designed to give everyone access to the representation they need. But our affordability has no impact on results — our true measure of success is our ability to reliably meet our clients' goals by the end of the case.

Have questions about your divorce? We offer free initial consultations for all of our clients. Call 502-791-9484 today to get started, or send us an email to schedule your consultation.