A Child Custody Attorney Who Puts Your Child First

While most aspects of your divorce have a direct impact on your own life, child custody has permanent consequences on the development of your child. The last thing you want is for your divorce to negatively impact your child in any way — that is why at Campisano Law Office, we help you find solutions that put their needs first.

Frank P CampisanoLocated in Louisville, our firm is trusted by people throughout Kentucky in sensitive child custody and parenting time disputes. We are particularly understanding of the challenges that come with sharing custody of your child, and walk you through all of your legal options so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Working Toward Amicable And Collaborative Solutions

While sole custody may have once been popular, that is rarely the case today. Family court judges often operate on the belief that joint custody and co-parenting is what is best for your child — but even then, bitterness between the parents could have an impact on their upbringing.

When the fate of your child is involved, Kentucky requires that you attempt to resolve your disagreements through mediation. Our lawyers help you through this process, exploring creative solutions that allow you and the other parent to set aside your differences for the sake of your child. By fostering a more positive parenting environment, you can minimize the chances of your divorce having any effect on your child's upbringing and well-being.

Vigorously Defending Your Parental Rights

As an unwed mother or father, you may question what rights you have during child custody proceedings. In addition to helping you find a solution that best supports your child, we aggressively stand up for your parental rights, which we believe are at the center of your ability to be an effective parent.

If you have any questions about child custody, paternity, divorce or any other family law matter, we offer free consultations to get started. Call our office at 502-791-9484 today to speak to a skilled attorney, or reach out online for more information.