What It Takes To Be A Federal Court-Appointed Criminal Lawyer

Campisano Law Office is led by our principal attorney, Frank Campisano. Frank has an impressive background in criminal law, but perhaps his most telling qualification is his role as a federal court-appointed criminal defense lawyer.

Simply being a federal court-appointed criminal defender showcases Frank's qualifications as a private attorney. In order to be appointed by the federal court, you need a number of essential qualities associated with an outstanding attorney:

  • Experience. You need an impressive resume to be appointed by the federal court. You need to apply like any other job, and are chosen based on your credentials. With sufficient experience to take on this role, Frank is more than qualified to defend virtually any criminal case.
  • Dedication. Court-appointed positions are not just handed out. You need to have a passion and commitment to justice and the law in order to pursue this position. These cases can be rather challenging, and they require a level of resilience many other attorneys are unable to match.
  • Knowledge. Criminal law is always changing, especially at the federal level. A simple change in political circumstance can have an immediate effect on how prosecutors and defenders approach cases on the federal level. In order to be court-appointed, you need up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of the law.
  • Adaptability. As a federal court-appointed criminal defense attorney, you could be given any case at any time. This requires you to adapt to any sort of criminal charge, court, judge or prosecutor you may be facing.

Frank P CampisanoThese attributes make up some of the most successful attorneys in the country. You can't just take a lawyer's word — as a court-appointed attorney, you know that Frank Campisano has these traits, and will work tirelessly for your success.

We serve clients in Louisville and across the surrounding communities. While we do not practice in Indiana state courts, we are able to defend clients in federal courts in southern Indiana, in addition to any case in Kentucky.

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